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full nameethan christopher alexander beck birthdate & ageNovember 28, 1978 & 42 hometownQueens, New York current residenceSan Francisco, California
The only child to Clayton and Marion Beck, Ethan was a happy baby who was initially doted on by both parents. After a couple of years, however, his mother became apathetic, more so toward him than his father but she seemed to have fallen into a depression. By the time Ethan was four, it had gotten so bad that at times Marion wouldn’t even get out of bed and while Clayton was at work, Ethan would often have to fend for himself. On a better day, when Marion was up, she went to the store but never returned. For a time, Clayton thought something terrible had befallen her but then he found her in Atlantic City high off her ass with another man. He blamed Ethan for her abandonment. Being a single father was difficult, and Clayton resented Ethan more with every passing year.

The eagerness and curiosity he’d had as a small child slowly faded with his father’s growing resentment until he was a quiet, closed off child. He had very few friends and more often than not, kept to himself. Once he learned to read, he buried his head in books and as such, began to excel in school. He hoped to earn his father’s favor or at least approval but that didn’t happen. Graduating high school on the top of his class, Ethan won a scholarship to attend St John’s University where he got a BS in Criminal Justice. From there, he enrolled in the NYPD police academy where he thought he’d finally make his father proud as a third generation cop. Unfortunately, even that didn’t appease his father and Clayton Beck was more determined than ever to write Ethan off.

With his college degree, Ethan was on the fast track to making detective. He did have to work a stint as a beat cop but it wasn’t long before he was being promoted. He worked in a few different divisions before settling long-term in Narcotics. As the years went by, Ethan grew more and more frustrated with criminals that got off because of technicalities in the judicial system. This encouraged him to begin taking matters into his own hands. He began attempting to break cases sooner and with (sometimes) false evidence, or he would disregard protocol which resulted in evidence being tossed and/or not being recognized in court. He got his wrist slapped a couple of times but eventually, it cost him his badge. His father, who’d barely talked to him over the years, even came out and ridiculed Ethan for embarrassing the family name and, for the most part, officially disowned him. Even the few friends he’d made on the force were embarrassed by him. It didn’t help that he’d also had most serious relationship crash and burn not long before.

Sinking into a depression not unlike that of which his mother had exhibited when he was a toddler, Ethan lost himself in the bottom of a bottle. It was his hardened paternal grandmother that eventually pulled him out a handful of months later and inadvertently planted the idea of him becoming a private investigator. Putting all he had into it, Ethan just barely got by financially but eventually after eighteen months, he began to have a somewhat steady stream of clients. It wasn’t what he thought he’d do with his life but it was something. After working a couple of years in NYC as a PI, Ethan got the bright idea to move somewhere else, to start fresh. What better place than clear across the country? It didn’t hurt that his ex had relocated to San Francisco as well. Not that he hoped for a reconciliation or anything. He would never dream of it. At the end of 2019, just before the pandemic hit, Ethan packed up his life and moved to California.
Edward Brock AKA Venom Born in New York, Eddie Brock was raised as a Roman Catholic in suburban San Francisco. His father, Carl Brock, was cold and unloving towards him because he blamed Eddie for his wife's death during childbirth. Eddie constantly attempted to obtain his father's approval, though even after excelling in school, he only received half-hearted encouragement. Eddie often stole things from other children, just so he could "find" these items to gain their friendship.n his teenage years, Eddie gained entrance to ESU's journalism program by fabricating an internship.

Early in his career as a reporter, Brock faced down the shadowy alien Krobaa,[18] and uncovered illegal human testing at Devlin-MacGregor Pharmaceuticals, although threats on Anne's life prevented him from reporting that.[19] He later began to suffer from severe anxiety, which was soon discovered to be adrenal cancer. With just months to live, Brock wanted to break a big story, and thought he had found this story when he was accidentally contacted by Emil Gregg, who claimed to be the serial killer Sin-Eater. Eddie wrote front-page exclusives of the Sin-Eater, protecting his identity under the First Amendment, until a crisis of conscience and pressure from the police and his editor forced him to write an exclusive article revealing Gregg as the Sin-Eater. Although that edition of the paper sold out immediately, that same day Spider-Man captured and revealed the true identity of the Sin-Eater to be Detective Stan Carter. Gregg was found to be Carter's delusional neighbor, making Brock a laughingstock among his fellow journalists. Fired from the Daily Globe, he was forced to write venomous drivel for a tawdry tabloid.

Some time after Eddie's life took these drastic changes, he was overwhelmed by shame and despair and decided to visit Our Lady of Saints Church to beg forgiveness from God before intending to commit suicide. Once inside the church, he was caught by surprise when a symbiotic alien attacked and bonded with him - drawn by his despair, adrenaline, and fierce hate, on which it fed. The symbiote bonded mentally and physically to Brock...

random facts understandably, has abandonment issues. he’s terrified of being alone but doesn’t really know how to be with someone while sharing them. has pretty much resigned himself to the fact that he’s going to be alone.

very, very active. on a daily basis he runs at least three miles and weight trains at least three days a week but usually five days. began religiously working out like this after picking himself up after being fired from the nypd.

hasn’t quite reached stalker status re his ex (theo) but he does keep tabs on his social media. he won’t admit it but he moved to san francisco because of him.